Scammers Attempt to Scam College Students During the Summer

Though college students may be home for the summer, that doesn’t mean they’re less likely to be targeted by scammers. During the pandemic, students have been receiving emails from their university “financial department” claiming to have information about COVID19 economic stimulus checks, and students need to login with their university account. In the end, this is a phishing scam for scammers to steal login information, and potentially download malware onto their computers.

Before acting upon an suspicious-looking email, make sure to closely examine who the email is coming from, the language and grammar used, and layout of the email. Look closely to see if any departments are spelled wrong, if there are pixelated logos, or if the beginning of the email addresses students by their last name or username. It never hurts to contact the university financial aid office to double check any email is real.

Report any suspicious activity to, and visit for current information on scams pertaining to COVID-19.

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