Government Relief Money Scams Remain Rampant

Updated: May 21

BBB has continued to receive reports of scams attempting to capitalize on consumers’ need for money during the COVID-19 pandemic. Scammers have been reportedly claiming to have access to additional stimulus checks, grants, unemployment benefits, or payments from emergency and/or relief funds.

BBB advises the public to keep the following information in mind:

  • No payment is required to receive a stimulus check or other government benefits. Additionally, you cannot pay to expedite your check of benefits. Anyone who offers either of these options is a scammer.

  • No one but the government has access to checks or benefits. If someone claims otherwise, hang up.

  • Only communicate with the IRS regarding stimulus payments, and your local unemployment office regarding unemployment benefits.

  • Phone numbers can deceive. Con artists “spoof” the phone numbers of legitimate agencies, businesses, or organizations to change what you see on your caller ID. No one from the government will call or email you concerning your check or benefits.

Visit for current information on scams pertaining to COVID-19, and report any suspicious activity to

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